1.  Blog Giveaways: I finally won something. You may remember me complaining about my non-sexy WHITE bra. Well the heavens have heard my prayers (…err read my blog post?). I won a new Lamaze Nursing Bra from Woman, Uncensored ! Hurray! I chose a BLACK lacy nursing bra! HOT – well as hot as a nursing bra can be! I enter alot of blog giveaway contests and I’ve only won one other thing. A water toy/game thing which Gavin won’t use for another three years. I won that from Chicago Parent Magazine, but that was a year ago…so hurray! Yay for me!

2. Borders $1 Clearance:  zomg. best. sale. ever. I made three trips to Borders over the past week and a half. Honestly one of the best book sales I’ve ever come across.  I think I purchased 38 books. Oops…Well at least it was only $38…and they are all books I actually want to read. Plus, I can trade them all on my new fave site- SWAPTREE!!!!!!! (I’m in love!!!! I can’t say enough good things about this site!)

Apparently nobody in my community reads, because I honestly think I was THE ONLY person that bought books from those shelves.  Every other Borders I went to their $1 shelves were completely picked over. They also had a $1 clearance on toys that was not really publicized. None of it was marked.  You had to search & scan for everything. Sadly, my store only had a few of the toys that were marked down to a dollar. Plus, most of the toys were for older kids and….I have enough crap in my house without storing more toys that G won’t use for another 5 years!!!!

3. Free crap from CVS:

CVS/ Walgreens - Week 1 - I spent .84 cents ...This would easily cost $40 full price.

CVS - WEEK 2 - I spent $9. Full price about $48

Well almost free. I just started using their CVS’s  Extra-Care Bucks, Walgreens Register Reward & coupon-ing HARDCORE. I’ve always been a coupon dabbler…But,  I like free stuff and at work I don’t do a whole lot lately…so that equals lots of time to coupon.  I don’t know why I haven’t been doing these drugstore deals my whole life. If you get the Sunday paper it is NOT HARD. There are tons and tons of blogs that list the free things you can get each week. I seriously never believed these coupon bloggers til I actually did it! My little purchases here are small compared to some of the others I’ve read about!

4. Guacomole, Tuna & Chips: – Me and my husband went out to Shaw’s Crabhouse for V-Day.  Seared Tuna with avocado is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing in the world.  I haven’t had it in a year due to pregnancy, having a new baby and not being able to leave the house for days on end. Yum. Mouth orgasm.

My parents were both in town and were able to watch G for us. We were planning on going out to a bar and meeting up with friends afterwards, but I missed the baby too much and wanted to come home and feed him. I’m lame and I love it.


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  1. Awesome scores! I do well on the CVS coupons, too (since I work in a building containing a CVS), but I don’t think I’ve done THAT well in a while!

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