4 1/2 Months Old….

G is so beautiful. I have never loved someone like I love him. He poops on my hand, I shower him with kisses. He pees on the wall, I tell him how amazing he is. He pukes into my cleavage and I snuggle him close. I never thought I would get HERE.

Here as in: I’m confident in my abilities as a Mommy. I know I try my hardest to be a great Mommy to Gavin. Forget drinking and going out to bars, nothing sounds better to me than a cuddly baby and a great movie. Life has taken quite the unexpected turn, and I couldn’t be happier with my little man.

– Gavin has been rolling over (back to stomach) for a few weeks now. I am so proud, because I kinda sorta neglected tummy time. He hated it. I hated it. Lots of crying. No fun. I would probably do 10 minutes of tummy time every other day in the beginning . (Bad Mommy award goes to me!) But, he figured it out.

– He’s starting to say consonants like “bbbb” and “mmmm”. I’m hoping Mama comes soon. No “ddd”s yet. (HAHA, I WIN!- He gets to be home with him all day, I should at least get SOMETHING!)

– Breastfeeding is going GREAT. *knock on wood*. Pumping at work is a pain. Actually hauling my pump around is more of a pain than the ACTUAL pumping. Hopefully Mike gets a job soon and I can be done with the PUMP!

– He is doing great at sitting up. He uses his mini-abs to pull himself up into a sitting position now. He will fall forward, but I am so proud that he can actually sit up.

– Gavin + Jumparoo = BFF. He loves to bounce. When I hold him up in a standing position he just bounces, bounces and bounces some more. Oh, the energy he uses. But he is tireless.

– Naps. He still only naps for a max of 45 minutes. I am hating on the Mama’s whose babies nap for 3 hours ! You must be able to get SO MUCH DONE!

– We are co-sleeping still. Having him in bed with me just feels RIGHT. Putting him in the PnP next to me makes me feel disconnected and nervous. Knowing we get that big chunk of time every night to be together is something I look forward to every day.

Gavin, You’re amazing. My heart is exploding from all the love and pride I have for you.


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