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Spring is in the air….

I love to play outside, Mommy!


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Child-Proofing is sneaking up on me!

So, Gavin has been in his little walker for a few weeks now. He’s slowly figuring out how to scoot around in it.

It is bittersweet (zomg TEARS ANXIETY)  because my little LoveBug is no longer the sleepy, non-stop nursing newborn he once was. He laughs all the time at things he thinks are funny (being surprised, kissy faces and peekaboo), cries at things he doesn’t like ( The “What up with That” song from SNL can provoke a hysterical crying fit like you wouldn’t believe) carries on conversations with me in baby babble and is determined to find a way to reach whatever colorful objects are within a 2-foot radius.

He is slowly becoming more and more like a little person, instead of a lump of baby love.  He loves to roll and bounce in between me and Mike like a little munchkin pinball. It’s hilarious and *GASP* a little scary at how much he can move and he ISN’T EVEN CRAWLING YET. We have a bedguard up (No he does not SLEEP next to the bedguard), but I can no longer put him down on the bed and turn my head for even a second. He is such a little mover he will scoot to the edge of the bed. He also wants to reach and grab at everything. Everything is like a new little discovery for him. It’s so different viewing everything around the house in my new Mommy eyes. I’ve always been wary of sharp corners for anyone, not just babies.  But now it’s a billion times worse and I know I need to calm down.  When he kicks the edge of the changing table I get so upset and worried that he hurt his little legs. But he doesn’t notice, and happily keeps kicking along in his little baby-discovery-land.

In short, I need to FINALLY read the Baby-proofing book I bought, pop a few Xanax (well hypothetical Xanax, since Gavin needs my boobs) and use my 20% off coupon from BRU to pick up some Child-proofing supplies!!!! Ummm, didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital a few weeks ago?

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Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Edition

Mike's Presents!

Gavin joining the party in the kitchen! He can now "walk" in his little baby walker!

Mike's totally yum yum yummy BAD FOR ME chocolate cake he made himself! Yes, he made his OWN birthday cake. He wanted to, but still WIFE FAIL. Do you like the sponge in the picture? Looks delicious, huh?

Mike & his sexy birthday hat!


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CVS, We’re totally broken up. Well, at least this week.

CVS has not been so kind on the deals lately. I usually go to CVS or Walgreens to get my bargain fix, because honestly Target is much too distracting (ooo…shiny and pretty) for me.  Since I don’t want to drag G & Mike along for my Target sprees, I usually only have a small window of time to shop in. I am away from G far too much anyways, so I loathe having to spend even MORE time away from him. Plus I gotta give him the boobs (G not Mike har har har).

*Must I always make lame jokes relating to my boobs and Mike when I write? *

I am forever racing across Target, from Clearance endcap to endcap. Plus, all the SAHM’s (or just people who don’t wait til Saturday morning to do their weekly matchup) get all the deals before I do. So, slim pickings! Two hours of my time and all the extra PRETTY PRETTY crap I toss in my cart, does not a good bargain make.

But anyways, CVS. Usually I big, puffy, red heart CVS. But not lately.  I went in there on a Tuesday last week. All my awesome q’s I had printed and clipped were unusable, since they decided to limit what products the sales covered. Also, I got in an argument with the manager about Covergirl and my lips being on my FACE……( if you don’t coupon then you will have no idea what I’m talking about). Yes, one hot mess.  I missed out on the awesome Right Guard & Dove deal because my stores were wiped out. I’m pissed because those are both OUR BRANDS!!!!

Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Conditioner 2.99

Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Mousse 2.99

CVS Paper Towels 1.29

I used: $2/1 HE Product

BOGO Free HE Styler

$1 CVS Paper Towels

$1 ECB from last week

Tax .66

I paid .94 and got $1 ECB back.

This week:

I thought the limit was 3 Packs of Pampers.  I guess it’s 2 per transaction. Then I could do another transaction. When only $6 ECB’s printed out instead of $9, I just told the cashier I wanted to return them.  I ended up with only 2 packs, but since I had used the q’s already he said “Once it’s it’s in the register I can’t take it out”. Whatevs.  So I ended up getting:



I ended up paying $9 OOP for a card for a friend’s wedding, 2 Jumbo packs of Pampers and a huge box of garbage bags ($6.99). (Way too expensive, but we were in dire need).  I used Pampers Q’s, $4/$20 and some leftover ECB’s from last week.

RETAIL: $40.xx

OOP: $9.XX

ECB’s for next week: $6.xx

Ok, CVS. Maybe we’re not broken up. Just fighting.

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It’s my Husband’s Birthday Today!!!!

Mike "wearing" Gavin.

He changes more diapers than I do....

Never complains about giving him a bath....

He made me the World's most amazing and creative present for Christmas.

Happy Birthday to my amazing, crazy, wonderful, funny and SEXY husband! I love you with all of my heart. How cheesy, but I knew from the day I met you that you were the one for me. You have changed my whole life. You are my best friend and the best father. I am so proud when I see how amazing you are with our son. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be.

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Wordless Wednesday

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CVS Haul 3/11

RETAIL: $91 / My Total $14!! / $9.00 was TAX!

1 Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush (2) – $4.00 each

.75 Coupons (2) = – 1.50

$4 ECB x 2 = $8

Out of Pocket = 6.50

Total Cost =  + $1.50 in Overage

CVS Paper Towels – $1.29

CVS Coupon = – 1.00

Out of Pocket = .29

Total Cost = .29

Nivea Lip Balm (2) – $2.99 each

B1G1 Free Coupon

$2.99 ECB

Out of Pocket= 2.99

Total Cost = FREE

Gillette Deodorant (2) – $3.99 each

Gillette Bodywash (2) -$4.99 each

$4.00/2 Coupon

Buy Deodorant Get Bodywash FREE Coupon (2)

$1 ECB x 2 = $2

Out of Pocket = $4.00

Total Cost = $2.00 for all 4 items

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner- 2/$6.97

$3.00/2 Coupon

$2 ECB

Out of Pocket = 3.97

Total Cost =  $1.97 for both

Olay Daily Facials  (3) – $5.99 each

$1.00 Coupons (2) = – 2.00

$15 Olay Rebate

Out of Pocket = $16

Total Cost =  .33 each or $1.00 for all 3

*I know there were a TON of way better deals for the Olay Rebate, but I use the Facial Wipes everyday and LOVE them! I would have bought them regardless so I was beyond excited to get them for a dollar!

Head & Shoulders= $4.99

$1.00 coupon

$2 ECB

Out of Pocket = 3.99

Total Cost = $1.99

Gillette Fusion Razor – $8.99 each

$4.00 Coupon

$4 ECB

Out of Pocket = 4.99

Total Cost = .99

True North Peanut & Almond Clusters 2/$5

$1 ECB

Out of Pocket = $5

Total Cost = $4.00 for both

*These are still pretty expensive, but my Husband LOVES them!

Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay – .97

$1.00 Coupon

Out of Pocket = Free

Total Cost = FREE

Bounty Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls – $5.97

$1.00 Coupon

$1.00 ECB

Out of Pocket = 4.97

Total Cost = $3.97


Subtotal =$83.xx

After tax = $91.xx

I used:

  • $4/$20 CVS q
  • $5 ECB from last week

I paid Out of my Pocket = $43.xx

ECB’s received from this purchase = $23.00

Olay Rebate= $15.00

FINAL COST = $14.xx !!!!!!!!!!!

$9 was TAX!!!!!

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