What I’ve been watching….

1. Everybody’s Fine – Can you tell me why this movie was in the COMEDY category? Me and my husband cried through half of this movie.  The final scene where he bought his son’s painting of the telephone poles had me bawling. File this one under SUPER DEPRESSING.

2. The Invention of Lying – I absolutely loved the premise of this movie.  How cool would it be to live in a world that was BULLSHIT FREE!? The ending was kinda blaghhh….But I thought it was really cute. My husband thought it was pretty lame.

3. Paranormal Activity – If I had watched this with the lights out on a dark and stormy night, I might have been freaked.  But breastfeeding a fussy baby combined with all the lights on and throw a little  pick-up the house fun, does not a scary movie make.  The footprints in the powder thing was kinda creepy.  A hundred million dollars at the box office, really? For some footprints, a burned photograph and bad camera angles? I must have missed the scary part.

4. All About Steve– Hey, Netflix thanks for sending this to me 3 months after it came out.  You’re the best. Very predictable, completely random and generic rom com. Sandra Bullock’s role as a Crossword puzzle genius was the only interesting twist. Why was so she psycho over Bradley Cooper? Tornadoes,  abandoned mines, baby’s with three legs…..I just don’t get it…..

*I used free rental codes from Redbox for 3 of these, because Netflix has been SUCKING with the new releases lately.


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