My poor little boy is TEETHING!!!! No teeth have poked through yet. He is constantly shoving his whole hand in his mouth and putting everything in sight into his little mouth.

I was putting teethers in the fridge for him, but they were warming to room temperature after a few minutes. So, I started putting them in the freezer. I let them thaw for 5 minutes before I give them to him. That way they’re not too cold, but they retain the coolness for at least fifteen minutes.

@BaileyTouchton told me about these AMAZING all-natural teething strips (Humphrey’s).  I picked some up from Walgreens. They work great! Although, I think they give him a little Caffeine burst, because about 45 minutes later he gets all bouncy and won’t stop hysterically laughing. Maybe it’s just because he feels better?! That’s what I’m hoping. I was glad to find something that was all-natural. I didn’t want to have to dose him up with Tylenol every time his mouth hurt.

So this teething has really disrupted his sleeping schedule too.  He went to sleep last night at 12:30am, woke up at 5:30am screaming and wanting to eat. So he nursed back to sleep. He normally sleeps for 8 hours, wakes up to eat, then sleeps for another 2-3 hours.

G’s asleep now, while I’m watching the OSCARS! My husband is over at a friend’s house. (Way to spend my day off together, hubby.) I suppose I will just mock the celebrities with Gavin.


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