What I’ve been Reading….The Lie

The Lie -Chad Kultgen 4.0/5.0

If you are easily offended by the depravity of the male population, do not read this book. It is vile, crass and a whole lot of other words that describe books not geared towards the average female reader.  I, being the non-average female reader, loved this book. I thought the author pushed it a little far with his illicit descriptions of debauchery , but other than that – a great read.

The book is written in first person account’s from the three main characters – Sorority Girl, Average Guy in love with Sorority Girl and Average guy’s best friend that is super wealthy . It follows these characters as they navigate their college relationships. I thought the female character seemed more like a 35 yr. old male’s interpretation of what he THOUGHT a ditzy college girl would sound like, not how she actually sounds. He threw about 3902392 unnecessary “LIKE”s into her dialogue. (Hmmm…how would I properly punctuate that? Sorry for the grammar fail). There was such a huge build-up to the climax throughout the whole book. The way they made it sound I thought my happy little “Haha-College-Sex-Relationships” book was going to turn into a grisly murder story. The author managed to avoid that cliche, and resolved it in a somewhat dramatic manner that still left me saying,  “Whoa.That was fucked up”.


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