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Gavin’s First Easter!

I look terrible, please excuse my atrocious ponytail.

I think Gavin had a GREAT first Easter! I wish I had more pics, but these are just the ones I took from my iPhone. Gavin is too young for an Easter Egg Hunt (NEXT YEAR! THEY ARE MY FAVE!), but the Easter Bunny did bring him lots of Easter presents!

I wanted to bring Gavin to church too, but I know there is NO WAY he would be quiet for a whole 90 minutes, and the idea of putting him in the nursery just grosses me out! Germs, Babies shedding vaccines. Ugh. Hopefully next year we will be able to go.

My Dad and Grandpa came over to our house. Mike and my Dad cooked a huge FEAST for us! Ham, Pineapple, Asparagus, Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes….and some Yummy Carrot Cake in honor of my Grandma (who always made THE BEST HOMEMADE CARROT CAKE! I miss her.)

My Dad (Papa) and Gavin!

I really missed the rest of my family this year. I haven’t spent Easter with my Mom in a few years. Thankfully, my Dad was in town this weekend. He is always going back and forth in between work (Chicago) and home (Atlanta). This is the first year we didn’t go to Mike’s family party in Rockford. I am kinda thankful cause it is such a long drive. Dragging Gavin all that way would have been such a pain in the ass. Plus, I am an admitted total control freak about germs and sick kids!

Gavin's first Easter Basket - sans "Easter Grass" I , I mean the Easter Bunny, got Gavin a Busy Ball Popper (Got it for super cheap, using store and manufacturer’s coupons at Kmart), Richard Scarry’s BIGGEST BUSIEST STORYBOOK EVER! I’m a huge Richard Scarry fan. I LOVE reading them to him. AstroBoy DVD (Got it for FREE using a coupon) , GloWorm (2.99 at TRU!), A summer outfit and what every kid loves to see in their Easter Basket, some socks for his non-stop growing feet! Seriously they’re huge!

Oh, the Candy Basket is for Mike. Well it was intended for Mike, but I ate half of it. Oops.

I hope everyone had a relaxing and happy Easter with their families!


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CVS, We’re totally broken up. Well, at least this week.

CVS has not been so kind on the deals lately. I usually go to CVS or Walgreens to get my bargain fix, because honestly Target is much too distracting (ooo…shiny and pretty) for me.  Since I don’t want to drag G & Mike along for my Target sprees, I usually only have a small window of time to shop in. I am away from G far too much anyways, so I loathe having to spend even MORE time away from him. Plus I gotta give him the boobs (G not Mike har har har).

*Must I always make lame jokes relating to my boobs and Mike when I write? *

I am forever racing across Target, from Clearance endcap to endcap. Plus, all the SAHM’s (or just people who don’t wait til Saturday morning to do their weekly matchup) get all the deals before I do. So, slim pickings! Two hours of my time and all the extra PRETTY PRETTY crap I toss in my cart, does not a good bargain make.

But anyways, CVS. Usually I big, puffy, red heart CVS. But not lately.  I went in there on a Tuesday last week. All my awesome q’s I had printed and clipped were unusable, since they decided to limit what products the sales covered. Also, I got in an argument with the manager about Covergirl and my lips being on my FACE……( if you don’t coupon then you will have no idea what I’m talking about). Yes, one hot mess.  I missed out on the awesome Right Guard & Dove deal because my stores were wiped out. I’m pissed because those are both OUR BRANDS!!!!

Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Conditioner 2.99

Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Mousse 2.99

CVS Paper Towels 1.29

I used: $2/1 HE Product

BOGO Free HE Styler

$1 CVS Paper Towels

$1 ECB from last week

Tax .66

I paid .94 and got $1 ECB back.

This week:

I thought the limit was 3 Packs of Pampers.  I guess it’s 2 per transaction. Then I could do another transaction. When only $6 ECB’s printed out instead of $9, I just told the cashier I wanted to return them.  I ended up with only 2 packs, but since I had used the q’s already he said “Once it’s it’s in the register I can’t take it out”. Whatevs.  So I ended up getting:



I ended up paying $9 OOP for a card for a friend’s wedding, 2 Jumbo packs of Pampers and a huge box of garbage bags ($6.99). (Way too expensive, but we were in dire need).  I used Pampers Q’s, $4/$20 and some leftover ECB’s from last week.

RETAIL: $40.xx

OOP: $9.XX

ECB’s for next week: $6.xx

Ok, CVS. Maybe we’re not broken up. Just fighting.

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CVS Haul 3/11

RETAIL: $91 / My Total $14!! / $9.00 was TAX!

1 Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush (2) – $4.00 each

.75 Coupons (2) = – 1.50

$4 ECB x 2 = $8

Out of Pocket = 6.50

Total Cost =  + $1.50 in Overage

CVS Paper Towels – $1.29

CVS Coupon = – 1.00

Out of Pocket = .29

Total Cost = .29

Nivea Lip Balm (2) – $2.99 each

B1G1 Free Coupon

$2.99 ECB

Out of Pocket= 2.99

Total Cost = FREE

Gillette Deodorant (2) – $3.99 each

Gillette Bodywash (2) -$4.99 each

$4.00/2 Coupon

Buy Deodorant Get Bodywash FREE Coupon (2)

$1 ECB x 2 = $2

Out of Pocket = $4.00

Total Cost = $2.00 for all 4 items

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner- 2/$6.97

$3.00/2 Coupon

$2 ECB

Out of Pocket = 3.97

Total Cost =  $1.97 for both

Olay Daily Facials  (3) – $5.99 each

$1.00 Coupons (2) = – 2.00

$15 Olay Rebate

Out of Pocket = $16

Total Cost =  .33 each or $1.00 for all 3

*I know there were a TON of way better deals for the Olay Rebate, but I use the Facial Wipes everyday and LOVE them! I would have bought them regardless so I was beyond excited to get them for a dollar!

Head & Shoulders= $4.99

$1.00 coupon

$2 ECB

Out of Pocket = 3.99

Total Cost = $1.99

Gillette Fusion Razor – $8.99 each

$4.00 Coupon

$4 ECB

Out of Pocket = 4.99

Total Cost = .99

True North Peanut & Almond Clusters 2/$5

$1 ECB

Out of Pocket = $5

Total Cost = $4.00 for both

*These are still pretty expensive, but my Husband LOVES them!

Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay – .97

$1.00 Coupon

Out of Pocket = Free

Total Cost = FREE

Bounty Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls – $5.97

$1.00 Coupon

$1.00 ECB

Out of Pocket = 4.97

Total Cost = $3.97


Subtotal =$83.xx

After tax = $91.xx

I used:

  • $4/$20 CVS q
  • $5 ECB from last week

I paid Out of my Pocket = $43.xx

ECB’s received from this purchase = $23.00

Olay Rebate= $15.00

FINAL COST = $14.xx !!!!!!!!!!!

$9 was TAX!!!!!

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Walgreens Run 3/6/2010

Total = $3.67 / Out of Pocket = $6.67 / RR = $3

Revlon Eyeshadow = 4.99

Instant Register Savings= – 3.00

Revlon MQ = – 2.00

Total Cost = FREE

*It beeped and I had to ask for my Q had to be adjusted down, since the eyeshadow came up at 1.99.

Vicks Cough Drops = 2/$2

Vicks MQ = -1.50

Buy 2 Vicks Products, get Puffs Product Free MQ

Total for 2 packages of Vicks Cough Drops and Puffs Tissue 132 ct. w/ Lotion = .50

Not the best deal, but we were almost out of Kleenex!

Kleenex @2.39 x 6 boxes = $14.34

BOGO Free = $7.17

Kleenex .50/3 (used 2) =  $6.17

Register Rewards = $3

Total= $3.17 or .53 a box

* My Register Rewards didn’t print. I went out to the car, looked at my receipt, looked at my scenarios and trudged back into the store. The manager took my receipt, a box of Kleenex, typed in some magical Manager codes and printed them for me!

* I had to go to TWO Walgreens. Only 5 minutes away, as opposed to the closest one at 3 minutes. My regular Walgreens has been wiped out of most deals lately. Get out of my Wags, Slick Deals bitch!!!!

* I could have gotten the 100 count for about 40 cts. a box, but twice as much Kleenex for 13 cents more seemed like the better deal! Plus, the 100 ct. were the small boxes, which my husband hates.

* I forgot to use my RR from my first Wags run of the week. Oops. Must go again next week!

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What I’ve been watching….

1. Everybody’s Fine – Can you tell me why this movie was in the COMEDY category? Me and my husband cried through half of this movie.  The final scene where he bought his son’s painting of the telephone poles had me bawling. File this one under SUPER DEPRESSING.

2. The Invention of Lying – I absolutely loved the premise of this movie.  How cool would it be to live in a world that was BULLSHIT FREE!? The ending was kinda blaghhh….But I thought it was really cute. My husband thought it was pretty lame.

3. Paranormal Activity – If I had watched this with the lights out on a dark and stormy night, I might have been freaked.  But breastfeeding a fussy baby combined with all the lights on and throw a little  pick-up the house fun, does not a scary movie make.  The footprints in the powder thing was kinda creepy.  A hundred million dollars at the box office, really? For some footprints, a burned photograph and bad camera angles? I must have missed the scary part.

4. All About Steve– Hey, Netflix thanks for sending this to me 3 months after it came out.  You’re the best. Very predictable, completely random and generic rom com. Sandra Bullock’s role as a Crossword puzzle genius was the only interesting twist. Why was so she psycho over Bradley Cooper? Tornadoes,  abandoned mines, baby’s with three legs…..I just don’t get it…..

*I used free rental codes from Redbox for 3 of these, because Netflix has been SUCKING with the new releases lately.

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1.  Blog Giveaways: I finally won something. You may remember me complaining about my non-sexy WHITE bra. Well the heavens have heard my prayers (…err read my blog post?). I won a new Lamaze Nursing Bra from Woman, Uncensored ! Hurray! I chose a BLACK lacy nursing bra! HOT – well as hot as a nursing bra can be! I enter alot of blog giveaway contests and I’ve only won one other thing. A water toy/game thing which Gavin won’t use for another three years. I won that from Chicago Parent Magazine, but that was a year ago…so hurray! Yay for me!

2. Borders $1 Clearance:  zomg. best. sale. ever. I made three trips to Borders over the past week and a half. Honestly one of the best book sales I’ve ever come across.  I think I purchased 38 books. Oops…Well at least it was only $38…and they are all books I actually want to read. Plus, I can trade them all on my new fave site- SWAPTREE!!!!!!! (I’m in love!!!! I can’t say enough good things about this site!)

Apparently nobody in my community reads, because I honestly think I was THE ONLY person that bought books from those shelves.  Every other Borders I went to their $1 shelves were completely picked over. They also had a $1 clearance on toys that was not really publicized. None of it was marked.  You had to search & scan for everything. Sadly, my store only had a few of the toys that were marked down to a dollar. Plus, most of the toys were for older kids and….I have enough crap in my house without storing more toys that G won’t use for another 5 years!!!!

3. Free crap from CVS:

CVS/ Walgreens - Week 1 - I spent .84 cents ...This would easily cost $40 full price.

CVS - WEEK 2 - I spent $9. Full price about $48

Well almost free. I just started using their CVS’s  Extra-Care Bucks, Walgreens Register Reward & coupon-ing HARDCORE. I’ve always been a coupon dabbler…But,  I like free stuff and at work I don’t do a whole lot lately…so that equals lots of time to coupon.  I don’t know why I haven’t been doing these drugstore deals my whole life. If you get the Sunday paper it is NOT HARD. There are tons and tons of blogs that list the free things you can get each week. I seriously never believed these coupon bloggers til I actually did it! My little purchases here are small compared to some of the others I’ve read about!

4. Guacomole, Tuna & Chips: – Me and my husband went out to Shaw’s Crabhouse for V-Day.  Seared Tuna with avocado is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing in the world.  I haven’t had it in a year due to pregnancy, having a new baby and not being able to leave the house for days on end. Yum. Mouth orgasm.

My parents were both in town and were able to watch G for us. We were planning on going out to a bar and meeting up with friends afterwards, but I missed the baby too much and wanted to come home and feed him. I’m lame and I love it.

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