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G’s 3 month Checkup

As I mentioned before we went to the doctor 2 weeks ago.  He hadn’t been to the doctor since he was 3 weeks old, so I was a little nervous about this appointment.

I know that we were supposed to bring him in around 2 months.  But due to being out of town for most of December and my indecision regarding the vaccinations, 2 months somehow become 3 months. Mom Fail. Oops.

I was a little concerned about his weight gain.  My little man is a lean little fighting machine.  (Seriously, his kicks HURT! Especially when they’re aimed around my super sexy C-section scar!)  He is not a chubster AT ALL. He looks skinny compared to alot of babies.  I guess he is growing mostly height-wise. My little 3 1/2 month old baby is in NINE MONTH CLOTHES! He blew through his SIX-MONTH sleepers in about a month and a half.  I am boxing up clothes like crazy every weekend. Well, at least it gives me a reason to shop.

Anyways, back to the doctor’s appointment. My doctor is so catering to me. He makes me feel completely non-crazy. I whipped out my PRINTED (again, how did I become THAT Mom?) sheet of questions and started firing away. He answered everything and didn’t act like this was the millionth time he’d answered these questions. (I hate doctors who act like – DUH why don’t you know this?! IF I KNEW WOULD I BE ASKING YOU, ASSHOLE?)

He was so very supportive of me EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING as long as I want! He also told me that starting with Rice Cereal is CRAP(with basically no nutritional merit) and mostly for formula babies to help them sleep through the night. He said whenever Gavin starts to look interested in food we can give him some. My plan is to EBF til 6 months then do tiny amounts of solids, but Mike is undermining me by letting him taste (not swallow- just lets him lick) tiny pieces of grapes and other soft things. Don’t even get me started.

After all my stress and worries of “Is he getting enough while I’m at work?! Am I pumping enough? Is he feeding enough at night? “, Gavin weighed in at 13 lbs. 13 oz and was a whopping 26 inches long. (That’s the 95th percentile for height! ) The doctor said he was a right on track for weight, which made me feel so good. OH YEAH, GO ME, I DID IT ALL WITH MY OWN BOOBS! THANK YOU, GOD! Knowing that your baby is growing like a weed and it’s all from your own boob milk is fucking awesome.

Finally, the big vaccination conversation rolled around.

“What shots are we going to do today, Mom?”

“Just the DTap”.

“Ok, great! I’ll send the nurse in!”

What! That’s it! But, I’ve practiced reciting “Top 20 reasons not to vaccinate your child”.  No Lecture. No “Well, the AAP says….”.  Just a smile. It was great.


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I really didn’t mean to cry.  Thank God, the nurse was very sweet and didn’t stare at me like I was the lamest Mom EVER. I didn’t just cry, I cried so hard I could barely speak.  I wasn’t expecting to cry. This first shots “event” was huge for me in MommyWorld. Well, first shot that I was AWARE of….(I’m looking at you HOSPITAL NURSE WHO GAVE HIM A SNEAKY HEPATITIS B SHOT AT 4AM -MOST LIKELY WHILE I WAS TOO DRUGGED UP TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON! But that’s another topic entirely.) Gavin cried for about 15 seconds. Mike held him for a moment then gave him to me to feed. After he got the boob, he completely relaxed and was all better. Yay for Breastfeeding!

I had been researching shots and gathering opinions for months. Yes, you read that right, MONTHS. Do I vaccinate? Do I not vaccinate? Will these vaccinations cause Autism? What if G has a reaction? What if he doesn’t get them and gets sick?  What the hell is Thimerosal? Why are they still using it in vaccines? Basically all adding up to HOW GUILTY WILL I FEEL IF I FUCK THIS UP?

After countless conversations with people who chose NOT to vaccinate their children at all and people who were so vax-pro that I was touted as a NEGLECTFUL Mother if I didn’t vax my child , I decided I wanted to end up somewhere in the middle.

I printed up an actual list (Cause I’m a nerd like that) of the vaccines and wrote down the side effects, risk factors and weighed the exact chances and benefits of each. Well, that was my intention…. My paper ended up looking more like scribbles of “Autism? 500,000 deaths worldwide? No reported deaths? Live Virus? Infant Tylenol? MMR? Diarrhea? Green Poop? Fever for 24 hours? Only 10% of ped’s report side effects to CDC? ” Questions begat Questions.

There were five shots on the CDC schedule for this visit (Hib, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Hep B, DTaP). We ended up only getting the DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis). Who even knew what the A stood for before my 432,798 hours of research? Not me!  Since there are Pertussis outbreaks in major cities and I have NOT been vaccinated for Pertussis, I really wanted to make sure that Gavin got the Pertussis vax. I tried to get a single dose of ONLY Pertussis (without the Dipth & Tetanus). But I was told that they don’t manufacture a single Pertussis Vaccine. Ugh.  The risk for illness goes up when your child is formula-fed or does not attend daycare. Since Gavin is at home and is exclusively breastfed, I felt like most of these vaccines were unwarranted at this time.

Ohhh Myyy Gahhhh It’s THAT crazy bitch! She’s calling about her son’s shots AGAIN.The first two nurses…. just didn’t get it. They were for the most part CDC zombies  that could only slowly read to me off the website in front of them . I’m glad they went through such extensive training so that they could read to me VERBATIM off a freaking wesbite and then tell me if I had questions I could “READ IT FOR MYSELF”. I ended up speaking with TWO clinical Pharmacists after the Nurse’s failed to answer ANY of my questions. My Son’s pediatrician is part of the Family Medicine practice, which is a part of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Medical Megaplex/Monopoly/Campus/gazillion doctors. So, I was able to speak with on of the pharmacists on staff at the Hospital Pharmacy.

The final time I called my doctor back it was the day before the appointment. They had told me to call the doc’s office the day before to make sure the specific Vax I wanted was in stock that day.  I spoke with the world’s sweetest nurse. She genuinely seemed concerned and for once didn’t make me feel like I was incompetent or an inconvenience. She wrote down all my questions in detail, got the answers for me and promptly called back within FIFTEEN MINUTES! It was a MIRACLE! She was actually the one who administered the vaccine to Gavin. She was so sweet. She brought me the ACTUAL vial and showed me where it said “Preservative free”. She gave me the Ingredients insert that came with the vaccine. Thank God, my doctor was AMAZING and did not try to push ANY unwanted vaccines on me. I’ve heard horror stories of doctors berating Mom’s till they give in and even have heard of Child Protective Services being called.

I just think that sometimes we follow a little too blindly to what the GOVERNMENT says.  OF COURSE the AAP is going to add certain vaccines to the schedule, when the doctors on the board stand to make MILLIONS of dollars off the vaccine. How is it ethical to add a vaccine that the entire population of children is going to be coaxed into receiving, when you have a vested interest in the company?(Yes, it is true. Research it !!!!) 

We need to weigh the options and think for ourselves. Parents need to think what is right for their child and their situation.  I know that’s what most parents are trying to do. Trying to make the right choices. Trying not to fuck up their precious , precious child.

THIMEROSAL-  They now use Thimerosal as a Preservative & Antiseptic agent when they are taking Multiple doses out of a vial. So if you see them filling up the syringe out of a vial- ALWAYS ASK! Thimerosal is 50% MERCURY. I’m sure we’ve all heard Mercury is like POISON to a baby’s brain. You can never be too careful or too inquisitve.

Delayed Vaccination Schedules-

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