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Spring Cleaning

Well, not really Spring Cleaning, just throwing out old crap that is taking up space.

Namely, my couch.  My couch from MY apartment. Y’know the one where I lived in un-wedded bliss (ha bliss) with my ex-boyfriend, where I lived alone- sorta single- sorta not, where I downed numerous bottle of vodka and cases of Bud Light (CLASS, I tell you – ALL CLASS!). That one. The one where Life was crazy fucked up. But it was FUN (insert crying and crazy phone calls) FUN (insert throwing drinks at the bar) FUN (insert Can I really do this without him?!) FUN (insert He’s a Loser and I’m so glad I kicked him out) FUN (insert Omg, Is it really 4am, I have to be at work in 3 and a half hours and I’m so wasted).

It has been a bed for me, when my ex took our bed when he moved out. Nice move, asshole. (Til my parents decided that me sleeping on a couch was kinda, sorta pathetic and bought me a brand new mattress! Thanks Mom and Dad!) The couch has been a bed for alot of my friends and their friends and my cousin and his friends and my brother and his friends and the list goes on and on and on and on. Good times.

But, I’m in a very different place now, with a very different life. I am somebody’s Mommy now.  I am somebody’s wife now. I am responsible for taking care of my precious son. So HURRAY out with the old and in with the new. (Well, not really in with the new, since we already have a really nice leather couch…But, y’know what I’m saying).

This dear, sunken in, slightly broken yet comfy couch has been moved from the burbs to the city then back again. Now he sits on the curb, awaiting garbage day. RIP Old Friend, RIP.


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