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Gavin’s First Easter!

I look terrible, please excuse my atrocious ponytail.

I think Gavin had a GREAT first Easter! I wish I had more pics, but these are just the ones I took from my iPhone. Gavin is too young for an Easter Egg Hunt (NEXT YEAR! THEY ARE MY FAVE!), but the Easter Bunny did bring him lots of Easter presents!

I wanted to bring Gavin to church too, but I know there is NO WAY he would be quiet for a whole 90 minutes, and the idea of putting him in the nursery just grosses me out! Germs, Babies shedding vaccines. Ugh. Hopefully next year we will be able to go.

My Dad and Grandpa came over to our house. Mike and my Dad cooked a huge FEAST for us! Ham, Pineapple, Asparagus, Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes….and some Yummy Carrot Cake in honor of my Grandma (who always made THE BEST HOMEMADE CARROT CAKE! I miss her.)

My Dad (Papa) and Gavin!

I really missed the rest of my family this year. I haven’t spent Easter with my Mom in a few years. Thankfully, my Dad was in town this weekend. He is always going back and forth in between work (Chicago) and home (Atlanta). This is the first year we didn’t go to Mike’s family party in Rockford. I am kinda thankful cause it is such a long drive. Dragging Gavin all that way would have been such a pain in the ass. Plus, I am an admitted total control freak about germs and sick kids!

Gavin's first Easter Basket - sans "Easter Grass" I , I mean the Easter Bunny, got Gavin a Busy Ball Popper (Got it for super cheap, using store and manufacturer’s coupons at Kmart), Richard Scarry’s BIGGEST BUSIEST STORYBOOK EVER! I’m a huge Richard Scarry fan. I LOVE reading them to him. AstroBoy DVD (Got it for FREE using a coupon) , GloWorm (2.99 at TRU!), A summer outfit and what every kid loves to see in their Easter Basket, some socks for his non-stop growing feet! Seriously they’re huge!

Oh, the Candy Basket is for Mike. Well it was intended for Mike, but I ate half of it. Oops.

I hope everyone had a relaxing and happy Easter with their families!


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Child-Proofing is sneaking up on me!

So, Gavin has been in his little walker for a few weeks now. He’s slowly figuring out how to scoot around in it.

It is bittersweet (zomg TEARS ANXIETY)  because my little LoveBug is no longer the sleepy, non-stop nursing newborn he once was. He laughs all the time at things he thinks are funny (being surprised, kissy faces and peekaboo), cries at things he doesn’t like ( The “What up with That” song from SNL can provoke a hysterical crying fit like you wouldn’t believe) carries on conversations with me in baby babble and is determined to find a way to reach whatever colorful objects are within a 2-foot radius.

He is slowly becoming more and more like a little person, instead of a lump of baby love.  He loves to roll and bounce in between me and Mike like a little munchkin pinball. It’s hilarious and *GASP* a little scary at how much he can move and he ISN’T EVEN CRAWLING YET. We have a bedguard up (No he does not SLEEP next to the bedguard), but I can no longer put him down on the bed and turn my head for even a second. He is such a little mover he will scoot to the edge of the bed. He also wants to reach and grab at everything. Everything is like a new little discovery for him. It’s so different viewing everything around the house in my new Mommy eyes. I’ve always been wary of sharp corners for anyone, not just babies.  But now it’s a billion times worse and I know I need to calm down.  When he kicks the edge of the changing table I get so upset and worried that he hurt his little legs. But he doesn’t notice, and happily keeps kicking along in his little baby-discovery-land.

In short, I need to FINALLY read the Baby-proofing book I bought, pop a few Xanax (well hypothetical Xanax, since Gavin needs my boobs) and use my 20% off coupon from BRU to pick up some Child-proofing supplies!!!! Ummm, didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital a few weeks ago?

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Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Edition

Mike's Presents!

Gavin joining the party in the kitchen! He can now "walk" in his little baby walker!

Mike's totally yum yum yummy BAD FOR ME chocolate cake he made himself! Yes, he made his OWN birthday cake. He wanted to, but still WIFE FAIL. Do you like the sponge in the picture? Looks delicious, huh?

Mike & his sexy birthday hat!


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My poor little boy is TEETHING!!!! No teeth have poked through yet. He is constantly shoving his whole hand in his mouth and putting everything in sight into his little mouth.

I was putting teethers in the fridge for him, but they were warming to room temperature after a few minutes. So, I started putting them in the freezer. I let them thaw for 5 minutes before I give them to him. That way they’re not too cold, but they retain the coolness for at least fifteen minutes.

@BaileyTouchton told me about these AMAZING all-natural teething strips (Humphrey’s).  I picked some up from Walgreens. They work great! Although, I think they give him a little Caffeine burst, because about 45 minutes later he gets all bouncy and won’t stop hysterically laughing. Maybe it’s just because he feels better?! That’s what I’m hoping. I was glad to find something that was all-natural. I didn’t want to have to dose him up with Tylenol every time his mouth hurt.

So this teething has really disrupted his sleeping schedule too.  He went to sleep last night at 12:30am, woke up at 5:30am screaming and wanting to eat. So he nursed back to sleep. He normally sleeps for 8 hours, wakes up to eat, then sleeps for another 2-3 hours.

G’s asleep now, while I’m watching the OSCARS! My husband is over at a friend’s house. (Way to spend my day off together, hubby.) I suppose I will just mock the celebrities with Gavin.

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4 1/2 Months Old….

G is so beautiful. I have never loved someone like I love him. He poops on my hand, I shower him with kisses. He pees on the wall, I tell him how amazing he is. He pukes into my cleavage and I snuggle him close. I never thought I would get HERE.

Here as in: I’m confident in my abilities as a Mommy. I know I try my hardest to be a great Mommy to Gavin. Forget drinking and going out to bars, nothing sounds better to me than a cuddly baby and a great movie. Life has taken quite the unexpected turn, and I couldn’t be happier with my little man.

– Gavin has been rolling over (back to stomach) for a few weeks now. I am so proud, because I kinda sorta neglected tummy time. He hated it. I hated it. Lots of crying. No fun. I would probably do 10 minutes of tummy time every other day in the beginning . (Bad Mommy award goes to me!) But, he figured it out.

– He’s starting to say consonants like “bbbb” and “mmmm”. I’m hoping Mama comes soon. No “ddd”s yet. (HAHA, I WIN!- He gets to be home with him all day, I should at least get SOMETHING!)

– Breastfeeding is going GREAT. *knock on wood*. Pumping at work is a pain. Actually hauling my pump around is more of a pain than the ACTUAL pumping. Hopefully Mike gets a job soon and I can be done with the PUMP!

– He is doing great at sitting up. He uses his mini-abs to pull himself up into a sitting position now. He will fall forward, but I am so proud that he can actually sit up.

– Gavin + Jumparoo = BFF. He loves to bounce. When I hold him up in a standing position he just bounces, bounces and bounces some more. Oh, the energy he uses. But he is tireless.

– Naps. He still only naps for a max of 45 minutes. I am hating on the Mama’s whose babies nap for 3 hours ! You must be able to get SO MUCH DONE!

– We are co-sleeping still. Having him in bed with me just feels RIGHT. Putting him in the PnP next to me makes me feel disconnected and nervous. Knowing we get that big chunk of time every night to be together is something I look forward to every day.

Gavin, You’re amazing. My heart is exploding from all the love and pride I have for you.

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