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Walgreens Run 3/6/2010

Total = $3.67 / Out of Pocket = $6.67 / RR = $3

Revlon Eyeshadow = 4.99

Instant Register Savings= – 3.00

Revlon MQ = – 2.00

Total Cost = FREE

*It beeped and I had to ask for my Q had to be adjusted down, since the eyeshadow came up at 1.99.

Vicks Cough Drops = 2/$2

Vicks MQ = -1.50

Buy 2 Vicks Products, get Puffs Product Free MQ

Total for 2 packages of Vicks Cough Drops and Puffs Tissue 132 ct. w/ Lotion = .50

Not the best deal, but we were almost out of Kleenex!

Kleenex @2.39 x 6 boxes = $14.34

BOGO Free = $7.17

Kleenex .50/3 (used 2) =  $6.17

Register Rewards = $3

Total= $3.17 or .53 a box

* My Register Rewards didn’t print. I went out to the car, looked at my receipt, looked at my scenarios and trudged back into the store. The manager took my receipt, a box of Kleenex, typed in some magical Manager codes and printed them for me!

* I had to go to TWO Walgreens. Only 5 minutes away, as opposed to the closest one at 3 minutes. My regular Walgreens has been wiped out of most deals lately. Get out of my Wags, Slick Deals bitch!!!!

* I could have gotten the 100 count for about 40 cts. a box, but twice as much Kleenex for 13 cents more seemed like the better deal! Plus, the 100 ct. were the small boxes, which my husband hates.

* I forgot to use my RR from my first Wags run of the week. Oops. Must go again next week!


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